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The Youth Development Centre aspire to build well rounded individuals, who are able to perform successfully in an international arena, whilst remaining true to their Sri Lankan roots and values.

We also aim to prevent alcoholism, smoking, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illness that plague our adult community, through education, sports exercise and recreational activities.

YDC consortium comprises of 5 companies.

1. Sumedha Sipsathara (Pvt) Ltd.
    Company Registration No. - PV-61359

2. Vishaka Sipsathara (Pvt) Ltd.
    Company Registration No. - PV-61360

3. C. H. Vanija (Pvt) Ltd.
    Company Registration No. - PV-61354

4. Mal Krida (Pvt) Ltd.
    Company Registration No. - PV-61344

5. Jalabun Krida (Pvt) Ltd.
    Company Registration No. - PV-61345

All the departments of the Youth Development Centre Consortium come under one administrative unit.
The administrative unit are divided in to two section.

1. Board of Directors
2. Administrative staff

1. Board of Directors

  i. Chairman ( Dr. Wilfred Wijesighe )
      MBBS (Cey) MRCP (U.K) ECFMG ( U.S.A) FCCP ( Sri Lanka)

  ii. Vice Chairman ( Dr. Harindu Thisara Wijesinghe )
      MBBS (Colombo), MD (Colombo), MRCP (UK) Consultant Rheumatologist and Specialist in Sports Medicine

  iii. Directors

    a. Mrs. Priyani Wijesinghe

    b. Mrs. Sauri Wijesinghe
          BSc. in ICT, Dip. in Pre School

    c. Dr. Chamara Amila Wijesinghe
          MBBS (Colombo), MDPsych (Colombo) MRCPsych (United Kingdom)

    d. Mr. Nandun Asanga Chandraratne
          B.Com (Hons), M.A (Financial Economics), M.Sc (IT)

    e. Dr. Chari Wijesinghe
          MBBS (Colombo)

    f. Dr. Harishma Wijesinghe
          MBBS (Colombo), DPath (Colombo) MD (Histopathology)(Colombo) FRCPath (United Kingdom)

2. Administrative Staff

  I. Executive Staff

    a. Dr. Wilfred Wijesinghe - Chairman
        +94 77 763 76 36, +94 71 244 33 85

    b. Mr. Chandana Edirisinghe - Senior General Manager
        +94 71 244 34 53

    c. Mrs. W. Menaka Ruwani - Chief Accounts Officer
        +94 71 244 33 84